7 ways to Stay Healthy this Transition to Fall

This tricky time of the season where summer transitions to fall is upon us. Where “back-to-school” mania and the hot summer sun join together to kick our pretty little behinds. This combo is not fun and can lead to lots of stress. Going from chillin’ on vacay then right back to the grind of the hectic schedule can wreak havoc on our body and skin! Here are some quick tips I can give you to get a little relaxation to help your body, mind and skin.



First of all the cooler climate can take some adjusting on our bodies. I know I can feel the flu coming on and all the allergies acting up too! Not fun at all! Try drinking warmer liquids, such as tea, hot coffees, or hot chocolate that can help alleviate and reduce the imbalance between hot and cold.


Two. Drink more teas. I love teas as some can have a soothing affect on your body. I would recommend a peppermint tea for energizing, chamomile for calming, and green tea just for an overall immune boost. Also you can’t go wrong with a warm cup of water with lemon and honey!


Three. Plan ahead. If you know you are going to have a hectic week don’t schedule a hectic weekend. Leave a little time to relax; at least a day to recharge and let your body adjust to the changes in schedule.


Four Meditate/Relax. Listen to soothing music like ocean waves, classical music or listen to the sounds of nature. Spend some time reading or watching your favorite movie. There are also some quick stretches you can do that will help you stay flexible.



Five. Get more sleep. Try to do what you can to sleep at a consistent time then gradually add 30 minutes more to relax or get extra sleep. Believe me those extra 30 minutes count!



Six: Be easy on yourself. Don’t stress about over everything because that is just adding to your stress and overloading your body even more. Be easy on yourself and be kind to yourself. Allow room for mistakes


Seven: Know this is just a transitional period and it will pass. It doesn’t last forever and it just a time to get acquainted with the new and maybe even set some goals of what you truly wan to accomplish this fall/winter season.


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