7 Things to Know About “In The Land of Sunshine” at PMCA


Sept 25- Feb. 19 2017

In the Land of Sunshine: Imaging the California Coast Culture

1. It consists of approximately 90 paintings inspired by the stunning vistas, lifestyles, and industries of the west coast.

2. The time period covered is from the mid–1800s to present day

3. It represents the diversity of California’s artistic style and the people i.e. surfers, sailors, sport fisherman, and residents who have settled here.

4. The exhibit got its name from The Land of Sunshine, a Los Angeles periodical published from 1894-1923.

5. It was curated by writer/historian Gordon McClelland.

6. You will  see the vibrantly-expressive watercolors artworks of Keith Crown his use of bold color and innovative shapes conveyed natural and human forces.

7. Another artist exhibited is the psychedelic surrealisist painter Rick Griffin who was born near Palos Verdes, California. At a young age, Rick was exposed to the Native American and ghost town artifacts that were to influence his later works.

Be sure to check out the free museum days the first Thursday of the month (12pm-5pm) and the third Thursday evening (5-8pm) of the month. Also later in October is Art Walk where admission to PMCA will be free!

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