Skybar at Mondrian: Dive In Theater

On Monday, October 3rd the Skybar at the Mondrian hotel hosted it’s weekly night out at it’s outdoor patio called “Dive In Theater.” With an RSVP guests were treated to one of Daniel Craig’s latest additions to the James Bond series “Casino Royale.” The movie commenced at 8 pm and food and beverages were available for purchase. The menu includes cocktails, teas, appetiziers, salads, and fingerfoods to be enjoyed poolside.


Nestled in the sunset strip the pool side lounging area gave a breath taking view of Hollywood. Dive In Theater is a weekly Monday night event hosted at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood.



You can RSVP for upcoming movie screenings here. Also don’t forget to sign up to my weekly newsletter where you can find more events just like this!


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