Weekender: San Pedro- Scenic (and Historic) Places to Visit Part 1

The little enclave nestled between Long Beach and Hermosa Beach is sometimes overlooked by those living in LA. Right under our noses is a time worn city that just keeps persevering while no one is looking. Small yet rich in history this city deserves a little more time in the spotlight. Let’s take a look at some scenic and historic places to visit a little further south of DTLA.


Via Cabrillo Marina- the Nautical enthusiast is sure to love this harbor which is full of yachts coming-and-going and some not even going at all. The lux nautical lifestyle consisting of luxurious Sunday afternoons spent at sea is a casual occurrence here. A very big throwback to the timeless fascination with the sea and with boats although these yachts aren’t your grandpappies Old Man in the Sea.



Point Fermin Park- If you’ve gotten too envious at Via Cabrillo Marina maybe the tranquility at Point Fermin Park is more your speed. The tranquil park is perfect place to leave the busying town of Downtown LA. The quietness and beauty of the ocean cannot be compared to the local tourist trap that is Santa Monica (no hard feelings SM you are still my first true love.) This different set of community is something that I have not witnessed in either Santa Monica, Newport, or even San Diego State Beaches. The slow paced community is very laid back and friendly. The vast greenery will certainly leave you feeling rejuvenated and zen.


Point Fermin Lighthouse- the time worn lighthouse is an idyllic look back to times of an era gone by. The preserved light house is no longer in use. There is a new lighthouse across from the light house which is made of metal and steel. The cold mechanical fixture is somewhat of an eye sore compared to the idyllic and homey light house. The beautiful townhouse is located in Point Fermin Park and is a reminder that time is only fleeting.


Friendship (Korean) Bell- In an effort for peace and unity, the Friendship bell was erected to reflect the times of war. In order to gain unity this symbol of Friendship between nations was set a reminder that Peace is something that must be preserved and cherished. With the way the 2016 Presidential Elections are going it is nice to have a reminder that peace can and must exist between Nations.


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