Scenic and Historic Places to Visit in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Full of history, legends, and artifacts, New Mexico is a cultural hub that is longing to be explored. From arid desert plains to uninhabited wilderness, the beauty of New Mexico holds traditions untold. The preservation of a time, place, and culture is at an all time high here. Wander about on some historic places and let it whisper tales of the past.

Santa Fe Plaza


Santa Fe Plaza was established by Don Pedro de Peralta in 1610. The original Plaza was a presidio surrounded by a large defensive wall that enclosed residences, barracks, a chapel, a prison and the Governor’s palace.Eventually the wall gave way to large houses built by high ranking Spanish officers and officials. In 1822 the famed Santa Fe Trail, a trade route from New Mexico to St. Louis, was opened with its terminus in the Plaza. Today the Plaza is ringed by structures in the Pueblo, Spanish and Territorial styles that reflect its diverse history.


Palace of the Governors

The oldest extant public building in the United States, was constructed in 1610 by Don Pedro de Peralta, the first Spanish royal governor of New Mexico and the founder of Santa Fe. The low one-story adobe building faces the open air Santa Fe Plaza and has a open porch supported by wooden posts that runs the length of the building. The Palace served as the territorial capital and governor’s residence during the Spanish and Mexican regimes and the seat of American government, which began in 1846.


 La Fonda Hotel


City records indicate that La Fonda sits on the site of the town’s first inn, established when the city was founded by Spaniards in 1607, making the property the oldest hotel corner in America. La Fonda quickly became the preferred lodging option among soldiers, gold seekers, gamblers and politicians. The adobe structure changed hands several times as the years progressed, enduring milestones such as the Civil War, railroad expansion and New Mexico statehood.


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